International Relations

International Relations

Research Centres

Centres per Faculty

Faculty Research Centre
Faculty of Sciences, Physical Education and Computer Science
  • Environmental Protection Research Centre
  • Biotechnological Research in Horticulture and Environmental Protection Centre
  • Human Performance Research Centre
  • Calculation Methods and Programming Research Centre
  • "Optomat" Research Laboratory
Faculty of Mechanics and Technology
  • Automotive Engineering Research Centre
Faculty of Electronics, Computers and Communication
  • Modelling and Simulation of Processes and Systems Research Centre
  • "ELECTROMET" Research Centre
Faculty of Economic Sciences and Law
  • Economic Analysis and Modelling Research Centre
  • Law and Administration Research Centre
Faculty of Education Sciences, Social Sciences and Psychology
  • Research Centre for Promoting Excellence in Professional Training "PRO ED EXPERT"
  • Applied Psycho-pedagogy Research Centre
Faculty of Theology, Letters, History and Arts
  • IMAGINES Research Centre for Imaginary, Text, Speech and Communication
  • "Gh. I. Brătianu" Research Centre for History, Archaeology and Heritage
  • LOGOS Foreign Languages Research Centre
  • Applied Theology Research Centre
  • Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Centre


This Centre was founded in 2015 with a €7.7M investment from the POS CCE 221. The Centre's 6 Laboratories come equipped with state-of-the-art R&D facilities where many Ph.D. and Masters students carry out research internships.