International Relations

International Relations

About Us

Welcome to the UPIT !

Founded in 1962, The University of Pitești is an important pillar of the Romanian Higher Education system, as well as a globally-connected University.

We are an Accredited Public University with a High Confidence ranking awarded by ARACIS – the gold standard in Romanian Higher Education.

Our wide pool of Degrees as well as our strategic geographical position (less than 100 km away from the Capital), have allowed us to grow and develop our services for over 8500 students.

Comprehensive Academic Research Programmes

At The University of Pitești, we bring together Academic Research with Science and Technology through:

International Cooperation

Our partnerships with businesses and Public Institutions provide our students with excellent career and personal development opportunities. Having a long-standing tradition of welcoming students from over 30 countries, we are highly-committed to further developing international exchanges and mobilities.

We support international students all the way: from applying with us to arriving in the City of Pitești.