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International Relations

Tuition Fees


  1. Romanian Language Preparatory Year
  2. Higher Education Degrees
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  4. Payment Details
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Please note that Tuition Fees are usually set each June for the Academic Year starting the following October.

Important: In the light of the current epidemiological context, our University has stopped accepting cash payments. All tuition fees must be paid via Bank transfer instead.

Your tuition fees are tied to your citizenship and your relationship to Romania

  • Citizens of EU third countries (also known as non-EU countries)
  • Citizens of the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) or the Swiss Confederation (CH)
  • Citizens with ties to Romania: the Romanians Everywhere Programme

Romanian Language Preparatory Year

This is a preparatory course for learning the Romanian language, oftentimes required before enrolling in a degree.

Non-EU Citizens

This course will be required before enrolling in:

Tuition fee

For Higher Education courses, the tuition fee is €1980/Academic Year. For students pursuing pre-University courses is €1620/Academic Year.

EU Citizens

This course will be required before enrolling in:

The tuition fee for EU citizens is 3400 RON/Academic Year.

Higher Education Degrees

Non-EU Citizens

Note: The following figures are estimates for different groups of Courses for an entire Academic Year (9 months). Please check the List of Tuition Fees for exact information about a specific Course.

Course Group Bachelor's/Master's/Medical Residency Degrees Postgraduate and Ph.D. Degrees
STEM, Agronomy and Sports €2430 €2610
Architecture €3150 €3330
Social Studies, Psychology and Economy €1980 €2160
Medicine €2880 €3060
Music and Arts €3780 €3960
Musical Interpretation and Theatre €6750 €6930
Film Studies €8550 €8730

Payment Receipts

All payment receipts must display the following features:

  1. The IBAN of The University of Pitești: RO77RNCB0022013617440040
  2. The Candidate's name
  3. The name of the Bank Account Holder (only if different from the Candidate's name)

EU Citizens

EU/EEA/CH students pay the same tuition fees as Romanian citizens. The following figures are for an entire Academic Year (9 months).

Degree Type Tuition Fees Range
Bachelor's Degrees 3400 – 3700 RON
Master's Degrees 3500 – 3700 RON
Ph.D. Degrees 5000 – 6000 RON
Post-Secondary Education Degrees 2200 – 2700 RON

Romanians Everywhere Programme

The University of Pitești offers applicants under the Romanians Everywhere programme Fees Waivers for:

Important: Wherever required, students under the Romanians Everywhere programme pay the same Tuition Fees as Romanian citizens.

Subject to availability, students may also receive a scholarship funded by the Ministry of Education.

Payment Details

Non-EU Citizens

Important: Tuition fees payment can only be made in EUR.

EU Citizens

Note: Tuition fees payment can only be made in RON. There are 2 available accounts for paying the tuition fees.

BCR Account

Treasury Account


Please visit our Tuition Fees Refunds Procedure to find out more about our Policy for Refunding Tuition Fees.

Postponing the Academic Year

University Policy

Please read the Procedure for the Postponing of the Academic Year.

Please send all documents from the Procedure for the Postponing of the Academic Year to the International Students' Office.


The Postponing Request must be received by the 1st of May .

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