International Relations

International Relations

Romanians Everywhere

Eligibility Requirements

Under the Romanians Everywhere programme, you must freely assume the Romanian cultural identity and must either be:

Please contact us if you are unsure whether your status qualifies under the Romanians Everywhere programme.

Who has a Romanian linguistic and cultural background ?

We provide a non-comprehensive list of frequently used ethnonyms: armâni, armânji, aromâni, basarabeni, bucovineni, cuţovlahi, daco-români, fărşeroţi, herţeni, istroromâni, latini dunăreni, macedoromâni, macedo-români, maramureşeni, megleniţi, megleno-români, moldoveni, moldovlahi, rrămâni, rumâni, valahi, vlahi, vlasi, volohi, macedo-armânji

Apply via the Romanians Everywhere Programme

How to Apply

Please familiarise yourself with the Language Requirements needed to apply via the Romanians Everywhere Programme.

Applicants via the Romanians Everywhere Programme must submit the admission dossier to:

Available Places

The following figures are valid for the 2021-2022 Academic Year.

Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree Ph.D. Degree Romanian Language Preparatory Year
WITH Scholarship 13 10 1 2
WITHOUT Scholarship 35 31 1 1
TOTAL 48 41 2 3

Application Decision

Please check the status of your application with the faculty you have chosen.

Important: Successful applicants must confirm their place by submitting:

  1. The Choice Confirmation Form
  2. The original study documents during Enrolment

Useful Resources


Under the Romanians Everywhere Programme, you will also have the opportunity to:

Contact the Romanians Everywhere Office

Secretary - Ms. Liliana MIHAI

Phone: +40 348 453 108


Contact the Ministry of Education

Young people in the Republic of Moldova should contact the Ministry at

Romanians from neighbouring countries and diaspora should contact the Ministry at