International Relations

International Relations

How to Apply

Number of available places: 150 places/year.


Please send all documents in the Admission Dossier to

Admission Process

  1. Our University analyses your Admission Dossier
  2. After the initial screening, we forward your Admission Dossier to The Ministry of Education for validation
  3. The Ministry of Education issues a Letter of Acceptance to Studies to successful candidates
  4. Upon receiving the Letter of Acceptance, we update you on the outcome of the application

Next Steps

Study Visa

Important: Successful candidates may need a Study Visa to study in Romania !

To apply for a Study Visa, the Romanian Diplomatic Mission will require the following documents:

  1. Letter of Acceptance to Studies
  2. Proof of payment for the relevant Tuition Fees

Please visit Visa and Residence Permit for further information, guidance and support.


Important: To enrol, candidates must bring in person all original documents in the Admission Dossier to our International Students' Office.

These may include:

  1. Certified Copies or Translations
  2. Original Study Documents
  3. The Letter of Acceptance from the Ministry of Education
  4. A valid passport with a Study Visa


The International Student's Office is located at Room I.33, Rectorate, Building B, 1 Târgu din Vale Street, Pitești, Argeș, 110440, România.